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Our bearings consist of 4 basic parts: Rubber shield, nylon retainer, inner and outer casing, and 7 balls. 

Rubber Shield: Bearing shields are traditionally hard plastic or metal, but modern innovation has introduced the rubber shield as the most popular and functional choice. The rubber creates an excellent seal against moisture, and won't crack or corrode with age. They are also easy to remove and re-install for cleaning and lubrication.  

Nylon Retainer: A retainer is used for keeping the balls in place at equal distance from each other. While there are a few different types of retainers in the bearing market, all of Rush bearings use the "TW" type molded nylon cage. Nylon retainers are superior to metal types for several reasons. They are lighter than metal, and have the flexibility to withstand impact; i.e. not crack or deform under pressure. They are heat resistant and don't corrode from dirt or moisture. Nylon retainers have little friction in comparison to metal retainers, therefore are the most suitable for high speeds.

Inner and Outer Casing: Our casings are made of titanium coated steel, or stainless steel, depending on the line of bearing. We only use the highest grade steel available, so you won't have to worry about warps or dings. The deep groove inside the outer case is specially designed to support high load and hard impact. Because of the precise build of our bearings, the inner case and outer case act as one component (though not connected) even when the retainer is removed, holding the balls securely in place. This is especially helpful for those meticulous people who like to remove the retainer when cleaning, as the bearings will stay intact.

7 Balls: Whether steel, stainless steel or ceramic, all of our bearing balls are polished to perfection with a micro-finish, and then lubricated with a specialized combination of lube and grease, so they'll be ready to roll right out of the package. 

How Rush Bearings work
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